New greenhouse almost ready

Bianca van de Wetering


In a little while, our new building behind our existing greenhouse in Den Hoorn will be completed. At the moment, the new cultivation department is already fully loaded with plants.

The freezers are being finalized in the new warehouse. Rooting coolers have been built to allow the newly planted bulbs to root well, as well as coolers to store our Lily Looks bulbs until they are ready to be planted. The Lily Looks bulbs are removed from the ground and sorted in November and December. Then they have to be kept in special coolers until they are planted. Two soil bunkers have already been built in the warehouse with a system to automatically supply the potting soil to potting. This allows us to put an ideal bottom layer and an ideal top layer of potting soil in our pots. Finally, the planting lines still have to be set up and then the start of our pot lily cultivation can move from the current warehouse to the new one. This will give us more space in the old warehouse for our logistics department for the delivery of our pot lilies.

A separate greenhouse has also been built next to the warehouse where our tissue culture will be located.